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When you've fallen off a horse...

WHO: Thundercracker and OPEN
WHERE: Police HQ in Prima's quadrant
WHEN: Shortly after Blurr's announcement
WHAT:  Haven's token Decepticon police officer returns to HQ for the first time since before the storm
WARNINGS: None at present . . . unless grumpy Seeker counts

Thundercracker flew across Haven as slowly as he could without dropping out of the sky, taking in the sights below him.  His feelings about the place were mixed, so very mixed.  But . . . for better or worse, it was home now.  It was where he was stuck, first and foremost.  It was where he'd regained a huge measure of the freedom he'd lost so very long ago, and for several horrific days thought he'd lost in ways he could never have imagined before.  This also was where he'd made friends - not just acquaintances with whom he got along well enough and trusted for the most part not to shoot him in the back at a given opportunity . . . but friends, real friends.  Blurr, Four, Ventus, McCrane, Barricade, Fracas, Rose, the white Megatron, silly Ravage . . . and those were just the ones he could pull off the top of his head.  People he trusted with his back, people he trusted like . . .

. . . like he trusted Skywarp.

The pain of loss was . . . lessening, if still sharp, terribly sharp.  But he'd done his searching, he'd done his grieving, he'd had his fits and his nightmares over that hellish other self he'd been forced to endure for days (and still had nightmares about, if he were honest with himself), and Blurr's message reminded the Seeker that he had jobs to do.  He was still a bouncer at the Hub's bar and, more importantly, he was still a member of the Haven police force.

He'd not been back to the headquarters since he'd found himself...himself again.  The memories of the other Seeker's torturous experiences with the authorities of his reality had made it hard . . . though what had made it harder were the memories of what that Seeker had said to his allies, his friends.  Shame - especially in facing McCrane and Blurr again - had kept him away, but enough was enough.

And so, after making a few lazy passes over Haven, his home, he banked and angled for Prima's quadrant, landing outside of the police headquarters.  In root mode, he paused only briefly, wings flicking, before he strode inside, heading for his desk. 

He had work to do.

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Guess who's finally out the medbay and decided to drag himself into work? Yeah, this guy.

Still feeling a bit rough, but he's not sure if that's some sort of subconscious hypochondriac or because almost dying is this amazing new thing he's never tried before. Who knew it had so many nasty side effects! Sentinel sure is kinda peeved that Ambulon is basically innocent and won't rot in jail for the rest of his natural life, though. Bummer.

Whatever, personal grievances aside, he wanted to do what he did last time something happened that he didn't know how to deal with - and that was to do an acrobatic pirouette into the small amount of work he had to do.

Or see a Decepticon walk in through the door completely nonchalantly. That works too.
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Oh god, it's looking right at him what does he do oh god oh god.

Ok, well. Thunder... whatever his name was hadn't attempted to shoot him on sight so, that's progress! ...Maybe.

Give him a second, then he'll actually say something.

"...You work here?"

Standing ovation, there it is!
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"I just didn't expect enforcing law to be something a Decepticon would find interesting."

You know, because all Decepticons are insane savages!

He eyes the badge suspiciously. This place just gets weirder and weirder.
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"I'm sure you are."

Sentinel, you are calling the pot black here. Or not because TC is genuine and you're the giant selfish asshole.

"So, uh. When did you join?"
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((i thought it might've been something like that <3))

Sentinel has actually been trying to get rid of his prejudice, but it's hard. It's hard when you've spent your entire life being taught to hate and fear Decepticons. It's hard when you know back home, the war is pretty much about to start again, and that currently, the Autobots might not be able to deal with it because of their leadership. Because of Ultra Magnus.

So, he has to think about his answer to that question,
"Both Autobots and Decepticons are capable of heinous crimes. The law dictates that an offender, no matter what faction should be subject to the same trial and possible imprisonment." Boy, let Sentinel tell you how much he loves following the rules.

There's another pause. "After the war, Decepticons were exiled in exchange for being pardoned. Some of them couldn't let that go and clung to their ideals, and continued to try and follow Megatron's defunct orders. They would be tried on those grounds, instead of what they did during the war."

Oh fuck oh fuck he forgot Ultra Magnus was on this planet. Absolute hell. He must be like the Ultra Magnus back home if he let a Decepticon into the Police Force, pleased about it or not.

It... it's not the same one, right? No. No, he would know by now. As his superior commander, Sentinel should also trust Ultra Magnus's judgement. Even if he doesn't agree with it. Even if it's a different version; he's still The Boss.

He rubs his temple. Politics are hard. Grey areas are hard. It's easier to see the world in black and white, then there's no problems.
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oh my god is this reply showing........ character development????

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"Yeah, you say that. Then pretty much all the time they turn out to be guilty."

There's a shrug. "I wasn't even alive when that was decided, but it was either that or they be given the war criminals treatment. They got off lightly."

Sentinel is trying to be careful, here. He's already almost died because of a Decepticon and had no intentions of aggravating one almost twice his size in an enclosed space.

"I know it doesn't. This is beyond anything I've ever been trained to deal, and the war... there's not enough of us here to even have a civil dispute. Besides, it wouldn't be worth it. Nothing would be worth killing Cybertron over."

Yeah, that last part doesn't get a reply. He'd seen the video, everyone had. He'd been aware of what happened with Tarn and hated not being able to help. Sentinel looks away from Thundercracker the same way the seeker had earlier; this wasn't something he knew how do deal with. He hated his core values being challenged on a daily basis.

This planet sucks.
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oh god oh man time to fudge his age

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Blink blink. His age?

"Uh. A few thousand years old. I don't really... keep track."

He does, but Thundercracker is giving the impression of reaching the millions and it kinda intimidates him. He's such a baby!

That reaction doesn't merit a response. Sentinel knew he was one of the few on the planet that hadn't experienced an all out war, but he was also aware of some of the horrors that had happened in his own universe. It really wasn't something he wanted to talk about with a veteran, especially considering the mental state of some Autobots in his own universe.

Warpath came to mind.

So did a restraining order.
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"It was never destroyed in the first place. Or, well. There was some superficial damage as to be expected of a war, but nothing really permanent."

That's a good question! Sentinel bristles slightly. "Because Decepticons still exist. I don't know what Empties are, but we definitely have neutrals - though they tend to start off as either Autobot or Decepticon then abandon their faction."

Oh, god. The Prime Thing again. He rubs his forehead but can't help but grin at TC's speculation of Optimus not existing.

"It's a military rank as opposed to single leader. The Magnus is leader in my universe. Optimus does exist, and he's a Prime too." Sigh. Better try to be the exposition fairy as much as possible based on the questions he's been asked before.

"Yes, there can be more than one. No, the Matrix doesn't exist - neither does Primus or Unicron."

He looks up at Thundercracker expectantly. Any more questions? Sure can't wait to keep telling him about how Autobots are better and his own universe is the best one!
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Oh, man. He just had to ask about home, didn't he? Of course, Sentinel hasn't told anyone, but he's been feeling the homesickness a lot more than usual. Mostly because of that thing with Ambulon, he'd spent most of his time in the medbay wishing that he was back in some boring meeting with Ultra Magnus, or on Earth getting pissed off at Optimus and his stupid team. Or just... not here.

Can you see that expression change? Probably, seeing as his default 'resting' face looks like he just stepped in cat puke.

"It's... it's Cybertron that wasn't destroyed by war. What do you think?"

Oh, god. How does he even say everything he wants to? Should he even say everything he wants to? This is still a Decepticon, and he's uncomfortable revealing any information. Plus, he's not up to date on all the social developments. Embarrassing.

How can you explain what it's like for someone who's known war for so long? Surely anything he says will be alien to Thundercracker, regardless?

"Most are happy, living their lives. They go to work, go home and don't have any particular issues to deal with because of the Decepticons being exiled and the war ending so long ago. There's no shortages of energon or anything else, and it's... too precious to lose."