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the humbling river ; open

WHO: Shepard & you!
WHERE: On the way to the Junk Pile/The Junk Pile.
WHEN: Not long after this rather brash post.
WHAT: Shepard insists on some target practice, alone or with others is up to---well, the others.
WARNINGS: Shooting things? Who knows.

There'd been a rather long delay between the time of her link and the time she actually stepped outside with the intention of going to shoot something. Shepard told herself it was to spend her energy practicing, but in reality, the Commander needed to blow off some steam, let off some stress. A particular turian had shot her the suggestion once. Shooting for survival and shooting for sport were two drastically different things. Sport gave her the time to analyze and improve, and it also gave her the time to meticulously calibrate with instant results. With her affinity with things that shot bullets, those two things would remain infinitely important on her list of hobbies.

Trudging forward in her armor, her life support deactivated with a near armory over her shoulders, Shepard is actually looking forward to 'taking a few shots' in the junkyard. She'd invited all of anyone to join her, and she'd hold to that offer. What did she really have to lose, some more ammo? It wasn't going anywhere. But her sharpshooting was; down the drain. In the rucksack over her other shoulder was her chestplate; something essential to firing the Widow anywhere but in combat. Didn't want to put herself in the hospital after all.
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Megatron wasn't aware of Shephard's invitation to a shoot-out in the junk yard.

He wasn't aware of most of the recent events, because he was blinded by the sheer aggravation he was experiencing. He'd been transformed into something that he was not, against his will.

It was infuriating.

It was infuriating that it had happened, and it was infuriating that he remembered it.

It was even more infuriating that this alternate Megatron had been successful in his attempts at peace, which...somehow hurt. How could one change in his life have made such a difference? How could a version of him have had it so...easy? How could the Senate have finally listened when others had been trying for so long?

He hadn't worn his cannon for a very, very long time. However, it was now strapped onto his arm, and he was full ready to make use of it.

In fact, Shepard would notice a large, abandoned couch turning into slag a liiiitle bit too close to her for comfort.
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It takes Megatron a moment to notice the sounds of the organic creature--a human--coming from nearby. He'd say that he was too lost in thought, except for the fact that he was too lost in trying not to think to pay her any mind.


The shot that lands just in front of him gets his attention and he stares down at it, confused for a moment at the idea that maybe, just maybe, the Pillar is shooting back.

This is almost immediately disproven, and instantly his optics alight.

"Mmm...what is the problem, human? Unable to get out of the way fast enough?"
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RIG armour on, and broken plasma cutter in hand, Isaac had made his way to the Junk Pile to meet Shepard after her insistence that he'd get some practice in. She was right, and he knew it. He was just... still a bit antsy after that storm.

Regardless, she'd made a point with the man of necessity comment. Just some target practice, after all. God knows he needed it, shooting at moving things in a dark hallway sure does start some bad habits!