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Nightmare Night Ball (Party)

WHO: Everyone!
WHERE: The Hub
WHEN: The evening of Nightmare Night
WHAT: Costumes!
WARNINGS: Spoopy things

Rarity has gone all out for this marvellous event! She never would have dreamed that she'd be spending Nightmare Night on another planet, and she definitely wasn't going to let such an opportunity pass by! This little pony has been up for days sewing and otherwise trying to get her little event up and running at the right time.

The results of her effort look fantastic, with orange, black, and red decorations scattered throughout the room. The dance floor (suitably large for her large party guests) is filled with many glorious lights, and she had set Ravage up behind a DJ booth. The food (energon) counter is being watched by Skids, and Fracas can be found acting as "security". Everything looks nice and ready!

Welcome to Nightmare Night!
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Re: Reception!

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Fracas is here! And just like he said, he's minus mask and plus a very dapper suit-and-top hat get up (thanks to Rarity) and even managed to find himself a cane to go with it. He's practically ready for a musical number at this point.

He is the snazziest security. The snazziest.

"This all looks really fantastic. I don't know where you found the time for all of this."
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Re: Reception!

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Rose wondered why she let her self be talked into wearing such a costume. Normally she wouldn't be caught dead in a dress, much less one with such a full skirt. Yet here her was in one, complete with tiara for the princess look, and she did not look very happy. In fact her looked uncomfortable.
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Well Rarity, she did the impossible: she got the big surly krogan warrior into a costume. It must have been her charm or her weird horse biotics, but there marched in a krogan wearing a big rhino costume. They were fearsome, right? That's what they told him, anyhow.

He cocked his head, muttering, "This it?"

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[Blurr is not wearing a costume because he doesn't have one. But Rarity said she would sew one for him so he approaches the little pony with a shy smile.]

Good night, Rarity.
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[Frenzy hopes he's your most exciting guest so far. Because he's practically stormed in, nearly knocked people over, is pretty hammered already, and has... a lampshade on his head. His costume! And the guitar in his hands isn't a very good sign, either.]

Y-You call dis a party? [hic] This ain't nuttin'! I'll give [hic] ya a real party! [And then he's jamming on his guitar. It's not too bad, but it would be a whole lot better. Being drunk, Frenzy's not very focused right now. But damn it's loud.]
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Ravage certainly seems to be having a good time playing DJ for the evening. He can be found behind the DJ booth bouncing around in the simple costume he made himself.

The music is a fun mix of Halloween themed songs with regular everyday music.
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[Tumbler is here for one reason or another, and he has somehow managed to drag Prowl along with him. Prowl isn't with him right now, so Tumbler can be found dancing on the dance floor. It's not a very impressive sight, but in Tumbler's mind he's pretty good at it.

Come shuffle with him, he definitely doesn't mind the company.
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[Sorry, Tumbler, there's a pint size person (by robot standards) bumping into you tonight. Although it's purely by accident.]

Oh! Hey, sorry about that! Sometimes it's hard for me to be so stealthy in high traffic areas. A few accidents are gonna happen, yeah?

[Rewind tilts his head up, looking rather excited to be here, if not on the dance floor then at the party.]

Don't think I've seen you around here...but then again, I don't really recognize a lot of people.

Name's Rewind!

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Beware: 'Zombie' Skids within

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Skids had not been feeling well since seeing Knockout. Everything had seemed a little too sharp, and a lot too noisy.

More than that, he'd been hungry.

He hated to admit how much it reminded him of his time as a sparkeater, but that was the only comparison he found himself able to make. As such, he'd taken up residence by the food. It was supposed to be his job to keep everyone fed, and...well, it helped to have food nearby for when those hunger pangs struck.

Hopefully, whatever Knockout had done to him would go away, and fast.
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hi zombie skids

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Skids soon gets company, in the form of a much younger looking Prowl. The fact that he was at the celebration at all was clue enough that something was much different. Despite the fact that he was (technically) the same 'age' as his alternate self, the four million years of command and warfare were absent from his frame.

There was still a spry optimism in the way he composed himself. In the way his sensor wings and posture still remained alert and absent of an all-encompassing cynicism so characteristic of his other self. There were two cubes in each hand.

"Skids. I believe we got off on the wrong foot."

It wasn't high grade. Just regular energon. Some things never change. But he handed it out to him anyway.


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[If anybody decided to get something drink they would find Blurr near, staring down at himself. It was the first time he had to dress up like this for a party. Rarity worked really hard to make him an outfit and he didn't want to be rude to the little horse lady.

He had to admit that the clothes were rather comfy and he could still move his wheels around freely. Blurr casually brushed the wrinkles from his dress, wondering why humans liked so dress up so fancy.]
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Re: The Bar

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[Drag Strip doesn't have the faintest clue of what's going on here. Admittedly, "Nightmare Night" sounds pretty cool, but whatever it is she doesn't want anything to do with. Her one and only focus is that bar, and boy is she looking to get smashed. No, she's not in costume because she's in costume 100% of the time. One day it'd be nice to get out of costume. Her one and only concern, at the moment, is the selection of high-grade present.

She growls and downs a whole cube in two gulps. A few more of these will be needed before anything happens, she holds her high-grade pretty well.
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Re: The Bar

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Call him a stick in the mud, but Isaac wasn't much interested in holidays. He'd decided to join in the party because he couldn't sleep and was rather bored; so, why not come and do some socializing? It'd been a while since he'd last been able to relax.

...With said relaxation involving nursing a small drink until someone he knows shows up and trying to avoid eye contact with the very angry looking robot on the other side of the bar. At the very least, he'll get a nice buzz to stumble back to his room with.
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[Hey, Isaac, what up? Here's McCoy, and he looks his usual grouchy self. But he has a banged up, empty first aid kit in his hand.] Like my costume? I'm a savage healer slash witch doctor from the Dark Ages. [He pauses to sit the kit on the bar.] Basically, a 20th century doctor.

[Then he sits down beside him, and orders a drink.] Ya don't mind if I take this seat, do you? [McCoy doesn't give a fuck either way, but he won't talk to you if you don't want him to, Isaac.]

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time to adopt all the kids

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Rose will just be over here, trying to keep to the shadows and praying no one will notice her in a princess dress.
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[Red Alert is backed quite firmly against the wall. The wall looked lonely and she felt the need to give it company. Ugh, social events, why did she think she could do this? Going after a Decepticon with a rocket launcher seems easy compared to mingling with people.

She was only here because a lot of bots together could potentially mean injuries. If only she had thought to send someone else in her place...
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