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So, an Autobot and a Decepticon walk into, kitchen...? [Closed]

WHO: Thundercracker, Blurr
WHERE: Blurr's place
WHEN: Uh, technically the day after this, but we'll say tonight for easy's sake...
WHAT: Blurr's gonna teach Thundercracker to cook with energon.  Or anyway...that's the idea.

Thundercracker stood outside of Blurr's home.  He'd only been here once before, months ago now.  Movie Night, Blurr had called it.  There'd been others - it was a party.  Blurr had served Cybertronian edibles.  Thundercracker hadn't even known one could cook with energon!  He'd asked the Autobot to show him how.  Blurr'd said he would.

Then Stuff. Happened.  Getting changed into a griffon...ghosts throughout Haven...Tarn...Megatron...the Air Show...the foray to the Badlands...Rung and Ambulon and Chromedome...Tarn again, taking him down...his second trip to the Badlands...just to pull what he could from the top of his processor.

But things had finally, apparently, calmed down.  At least for a moment.  And the Seeker was taking advantage of the reprieve to make good on that offer from months ago.

He suspected they could both use the downtime.  He rang the bell.

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[Some loud yipping is the first things that salutes Thundercracker, even before Blurr can open the door. Frank remembers the smell of the other bot and the last time Thundercracker was in blurr's room there was a lot of food around for him to steal and eat. He liked that and he would like it to happen again too so he guessed that new guests meant always food.

Blurr has to grab Frank by his collar once he opens the door to stop the turbofox from jumping the seeker.] Hello Thundercracker, it's good to see you in person again. SorryaboutFrankheseasilyexcitable.
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The door closes and it takes Blurr a moment to get the implications. "Oi!" He complains, not sounding mad at all. "Life in this apartment is just very lively, that's all."

He lets go of Frank (who immediately goes around Thundercracker to smell him further) and shakes his friend's hand. "Thank you. I'm certainly glad to be alive again. The kitchen is that way, Frank know he's not allowed to enter there."
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Frank's many tails wager around, clearly pleased with the attention.

"Certainly not. But he knows that he will get treats if he behaves properly so..." Blurr sure doesn't mind, he follow Thundercracker. "It's a huge kitchen, at least for me, I think you will be able to move around it comfortably."
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"Thanks. I never expend much time in my designated rooms but I made sure to feel comfortable in here for those few times I actually spend inside."

Blurr is probably shorter than Thundercracker wings, he's a pretty small bot, but he will be careful not to make things harder for the seeker.

"I will get the tools we need for cooking." The shelves are too high for Blurr but he uses his new flying ability to hover up and reach them. "So..did you ever tried anything like this before?"
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"Get used to what?" Blurr's still hovering mid air when he blinks and looks at Thundercracker. He's used to use his flying at home and he gets oblivious about it from time to time.

"Ah, I understand. I was lucky and the War ended in my world sooner than most so I had more free time. Granted, not all that much I was always off planet in a mission or another. I liked it that way." He likes traveling and that's another reason why he feels so trapped in this planet.
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"Oh, you meant...!" That gets a laugh from Blurr. "I didn't kept my wheels on the ground when I couldn't fly either. One day I will tell you about that time I crossed all the galaxy ricocheting from asteroid to asteroid until I got to Cybertron." Boy, wasn't that tiring..."I still need more practice, specially with landings. Mostly, I have to learn how to land on my feet instead of my face."

Blurr leaves a pair of moulds and the some spoons on the table. "No, I liked it home. The planet was fine since the War ended so many centuries ago. But I liked to explore, learn about new planets. I have trouble staying in a place for long. I like moving. It's different here, though. And what about you?"
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"Itsareallylongstory" And it doesn't have a nice ending. "I arrived here no longer after that happened."

It always makes Blurr's spark tighten when he learns about another Cybertron that was consumed by war. He's never sure how to answer to that and while he tries to cover up the upset feeling he can't quite help it."OS there's no place you could call Home?"