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Cliffjumper ([personal profile] cliffjumper) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2013-10-03 02:34 pm

He's not right for youuuuu

WHO: Cliffjumper and Blurr
WHERE: Somewhere in Vector's temple/Cliffjumper's room.
WHEN: Around now.
WHAT: Cliffjumper's been good, and not said anything about Barricade right when Blurr came back. Now he can't just keep his giant trap closed anymore.
WARNINGS: None. Yelling?

He'd been good. Good for a while now, and not saying anything, but he was definitely running out of ability? patience? to not question Blurr's sanity. Even if Barricade had obviously been removed from his own reality for a good while, Cliffjumper didn't really believe that would change everything and someone who'd chosen to be a Decepticon originally (and stayed that way) wasn't... well.

You didn't trust people like that!

But he wasn't sure when to say something, just out of the blue, now that the opportunity when he'd walked in on Blurr and Barricade after the former had just revived again had passed. He hadn't wanted to say something right then - well, he had, but he hadn't - because Blurr had just come back.

Right now, though, a good while later and having done other things so far and now simply hanging out, Cliffjumper was nearly vibrating with it, field twitchy as he kept looking over at Blurr, frowning, and then looking away.

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