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He's not right for youuuuu

WHO: Cliffjumper and Blurr
WHERE: Somewhere in Vector's temple/Cliffjumper's room.
WHEN: Around now.
WHAT: Cliffjumper's been good, and not said anything about Barricade right when Blurr came back. Now he can't just keep his giant trap closed anymore.
WARNINGS: None. Yelling?

He'd been good. Good for a while now, and not saying anything, but he was definitely running out of ability? patience? to not question Blurr's sanity. Even if Barricade had obviously been removed from his own reality for a good while, Cliffjumper didn't really believe that would change everything and someone who'd chosen to be a Decepticon originally (and stayed that way) wasn't... well.

You didn't trust people like that!

But he wasn't sure when to say something, just out of the blue, now that the opportunity when he'd walked in on Blurr and Barricade after the former had just revived again had passed. He hadn't wanted to say something right then - well, he had, but he hadn't - because Blurr had just come back.

Right now, though, a good while later and having done other things so far and now simply hanging out, Cliffjumper was nearly vibrating with it, field twitchy as he kept looking over at Blurr, frowning, and then looking away.
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Are you going to sing 'A boy like that' from West side story, Cliff? It would fit

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[Blurr notices the tension in the air, it's hard no to. He's not one to talk about his personal life, he likes to keep that part of him as private as he can but he doesn't want to see his best friend frown all the time.

Specially not when he came to spend some quality time with him.]

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Blurr thinks you are exaggerating -3-

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[Blurr grimaces, the sudden reply echoing loudly in his mind.]

I'm guessing it's too late to pretend you never saw that, isn't it? [He wonders for a brief moment what Cliff would do if he knew that they did more than kissing in the past. Probably have a spark attack.]

No, I still posses all my mental capacities I promise you. Things sort of....happened.
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*Maybe*.........what sort of song? Please, no reggaeton

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[The racer is startled and his optics widens but he doesn't try to move away. The shaking is not helping to make him less nervous, Cliff stop that.]

Hnnghhnnnn...Cliff! [Clam down, bro.] I'm aware that Barricade is an ex con and all that implies but DID HE DO something to make you raise this sort of worries? He's been mostly polite and helpful and he realized time ago how useless our war was.

[Why is he even try to defend Barriace, he shouldn't have to do that.]

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Clearly they need to have a diva off to decide who's right

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You might have NOT notice this Cliff but I talk a lot and with a lot of people too. [Blurr puts both of his hands on Cliffjumper's arms. Can you stop that? it makes him nervous.]

Not all the Decepticons and ex Cons are as bad as you think. Shall I remind you that Thundercracker is in the police force and also a respectable member of this society? I'm not asking you to trust me and I understand that you are wary of him but it's my decision and if in the end it's my mistake then I will take care of it.
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OH you think you can outshine him? Bring it

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Cliff, everyone is a possible threat, even other autobots. I haven't forgot about what the 'Decepticon' connotation entails and I'm very aware that one day Barricade might just join them again. [Blurr kind of expects it, to be honest. He know they're not allowed to have nice things.]

I just hope that when that time comes we are able to figure out our differences without starting another war. I'd rather trust him and end disappointed than distrust everyone and be unhappy all the time. [Blurr sighed, looked more tired than anything.]

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Careful, mini bot. I got lots of resistance >8[

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[Blurr brings a hand to his chest, rubbing the surface distractedly.] I'm sorry Cliff, I don't want you to be mad at me for something like this. As I said, it was not something we planned, besides I'm sure it won't last. Infact, I didn't even expect it to last for this long.

[It's Blurr's time to put a hand on Cliff. He touches his shoulder, trying to get the red mech to look at him.] Ey, Come on....if it bothers you so much, I won't see him again.

[You are his best friend, having to choose would make him really sad but bros before hoes, man. This would just be another unfortunate not!relationships to add to his already long list. He's used to those.]
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Re: Yeah, well, I'm *stubborn*. >8(

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[It was the right thing to do, even if Blurr didn't like that option. He's really glad that Cliffjumper said no. He could kiss him right now, but that would be 1- innapropiade and 2- lead to a lot of confusion.

Blurr still feels guitly for causing such a stress on the minibot,though, he can tell Cliff's having a really hard time with the whole 'dating and ex con' thing.]

I understand, Cliffjumper. [He can't help but smile, however.] You will be the first bot I tell if we stop seeing each other.
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[He sees the embarrassed look but doesn't comment on it. Cliffjumper is still somewhat angry and now that he is finally calming down Blurr doesn't want to irritate him further.]

And I appreciate having someone who's not scared to talk to me about important things, specially if he believes I have lost my mind. I really do, Cliff. [Moving closer to cliff, Blurr bumps their shoulders together.]

Thanks for being such a good friend.
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Who, me? Perhaps. [The elite guard agent wonders if the bright optics are because Cliff is still in a bad mood or because his mood just got better. Either way, Blurr smiles back, happy that his friend is not yelling anymore.]

So we are fine now? Do you want to go for a drink or go racing? Unless you want to go shoot something in which case you can marvel yourself with my abilities to hit rocks, the ground and basically everything but the target.
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[That's really cute, Cliffjumper.]

Super-fast racer no but we have now two more members of the Elite guard from my world. Their names are Jazz and Sentinel. [Blurr sounds cheerful now, happy to have more people from his own world.]

[Blurr stands up in a flash.] EyIamgettingbetter. Blackarachnia and I talked about using a smaller weapon that might suit me better.
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[Uh huh, if you say so.]

No but...okay, fine, I see your point.

It's good to see them again, I really missed talking with my coworkers. I'm sure you will like Jazz. [Sentinel...probably not so much. He's hard to befriend but he's not totally a jerk.] I promise I will try my best, teeeeaaacher. [He will do so much better the next time you see him fire, you'll see.

Blurr is glad that they talked about what bothered Cliff, even if it was a really awkward conversation. Now they can focus on enjoying a good evening together.]
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Abuse of an agent of the law! [He snickers, not mad at all.]

Doyouthinkisthat? [Blurr pauses, giving it a proper thought. Cliff might be right.] It feels odd not to do that. Like I'm wasting time doing things slowly. Ionlyhopeyouareright.

The one in your world too, uh? Must be a Jazz thing. [It really was. Blurr was touched by the angry concern.]
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You could get arrested, even. Don't make me send Frank after you. [He will lick you all over and then sleep on your lap. What would you do, uh?]

[Blurr makes an unhappy face. The recoil. The doom of his existence.] I can only hope you are right. I want to get better quickly.

I'm afraid that if I do that I can hurt someone. [Someone that might be really, really far away too.] How's the me in your world? The Blurr in your original universe, I meant, not the mirror one.
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Absolutely. Soyoubetterbehave.

And anybody wants that. [Certainly not Blurr. He already hurt people int eh past by accident when he was brainwashed and access to bombs. Let's no repeat the experience.]

That young? How curious. Oh well, time to ride! [They finally reached the door of the temple. Blurr patted Cliffjumper back and transformed, waiting for his friend to change too before driving away.]