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Worst Patient Ever

WHO: Wheeljack and YOU!
WHERE: Solus Quadrant's Medical Bay
WHEN: After the wrestle with Tarn and Kaon
WHAT: Wheeljack being a terrible patient in the med bay after he's done with the mission.

[Being unable to move sucks. If the attack on Tarn didn't kill Wheeljack (which it came dangerously close to), being immobile in the medical bay would. Not that he was ignorant to how lucky he was--taking on a Phase Sixer usually meant a deathwish--but it was in his nature to keep going. Not sitting on a slab of metal and wait for his injuries to heal.

But with his entire arm crushed, being functional wasn't exactly in the stars right now. So there he lied. Granted this time was mostly spent sleeping, or asking the medical staff to tell Bulkhead he's okay.

Mostly sleep, though.

Which is what he's doing now. Just coming out of a recharge cycle. One of the many he'd had since Megatron (the good one) had airlifted him here.]
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[He's not alone when he comes out. Not this time. Perceptor probably could have been more subtle about it, but... by the same token, subtlety was sort of pointless, when he'd heard the extent of the damages.]

[It had pulled him out of the field.]

[He's leaning against the wall nearby, arms folded, staring down at the floor. Or... half dozing himself. He wasn't terribly aware of his surroundings, short of the mechanical sound of the medbay monitors.]

[He'll look up, though, after a moment, watching the Wrecker with dull optics.]
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Don't move.

[He's already stepping forward, reaching out to put a hand on the other bot's undamaged shoulder, to stop him from doing just that.]

You're badly damaged... It's going to be easier for a while if you keep still.

[There's a heaviness in his voice. A weird sort of unease. Wheeljack is awake, yes. And he's grateful for it. His hand lingers, even when it's clear Wheeljack isn't hefting himself up any time soon.]

[Part of him doesn't want to name why he's so relieved. Doesn't want to think about it.]

You did something stupid, I expect.
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[He can see that. Part of the reason he's keeping a hand on that shoulder. It's not at all out of some sense of relief or anything like that.]

[Not at all. His fingers splay out, and he seems to study them for a moment, keeping up the light pressure.]

And you already know my stance on said group. No need to reiterate it.

[But there's no venom in the words, none of his usual grudging irritation.]

So. You've... survived.

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[Bulkhead still wasn't a huge fan of being in the medbay, after having been stuck in it off and on for months, with his Tox-en recovery. But he had to be here.

He would've been here sooner, wanted to be here sooner, but things kept him out in the field. Between checking on the less injured members of the Wreckers, like himself, and Miko. Maybe securing the ship, and of course retrieving Blurr's remains and taking them to Vector's. It takes him a while to finally get to medbay.

But he's there finally one of the times that Wheeljack wakes up. He's sitting on the floor, against one of the walls. One leg drawn up so the foot's flat on the floor, the other laying on it's side. He's silent, staring at the floor as he listens to the sounds of the med bay machines, maybe half asleep himself.
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[If he'd been taken to Knock Out's, Bulkhead would've carried him to this one himself. Even if they didn't escape the medic, who was doing rounds in this bay too, at least there were other docs here to check on Knock Out's work.

To say watching Wheeljack nearly be killed by Tarn was hard, would be an understatement. It hurt to the point that after getting him to safety, he'd wanted to stay with him. But also wanting to get Tarn for what he did, had won out. The battle wasn't over yet, and they needed all the man power they could get. And yet he'd come out of the fight relatively uninjured. It didn't seem fair really. It should be him on that berth, or at least another medical berth. Not Wheljack. Not him walking around like he wasn't in a fight with a phase sixer at all.

The soft sigh is hard to hear over the machines. But the voice definitely gets his attention. He looks up quickly, dimmed eyes brightening a little when he sees Wheeljack looking at him. He's awake! He moves to scoot closer to the berth, looking relieved, and a little happy.]

Heh, yeah. Just a little. You made it though. [That's the important thing.]
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[He missed the Overlord fight due to Tox-en injuries. He wasn't about to miss help taking down Tarn. Not after losing Wheeljack last time he took on a Phase Sixer. Plus it was his first real fight since rejoining the Wreckers. It wasn't likely to be a fight he'd forget anytime soon. Lack of injuries or not. He only wishes he could've put more of a dent into him, especially after he nearly killed Wheeljack.

Watching Wheeljack's eyes brighten and the proverbial color return to his face, gets a soft smile from him. It's helping quell the guilt some, to see it.]

Yeah, remind me next time to chain ya to me. [He's trying to lighten the mood a little. Though he's hoping there isn't a next time. But the way this place worked, who know what'll happen next. The last words make the smile waver some, the guilt coming back some.]

Jackie, don't. [He reaches up to try and take his good hand in his own. He appreciates the protection, he knows Wheeljack's always been protective over him. It doesn't mean he has to like seeing him laid up in med-bay because of it.] I don't like seeing you in here like this

Besides, you know I can take more than a few hits. [If it was any other time, he'd probably joke about it being his job to nearly die during battle.]
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[Fracas had been out of it for a long while. He hadn't even known there were problems until he woke up in Solus's temple and Blurr and Bulkhead explained things to him. Since then he's mostly been trying to sort everything out, between what he remembered from home and what was going on now.

And then this happened.

Word gets around eventually of what went down - Fracas has always been a listener if nothing else - so he figures out what happened pretty quickly. When Wheeljack wakes up next, the Vehicon is walking into the medbay and making a b-line for him.

Enjoy that worried mook you're about to get.]
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I wish I could say the same to you.

[You are missing an arm. Among other horrible appearance-based things he could point out. Fracas doesn't say anything more about that, though, instead just pulling up a chair to sit next to Wheeljack's berth.]

Hey, 'Jack. How are you holding up?
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I'd hate to see a major one, then.

[You aren't fooling him, mister. Fracas puts a hand on Wheeljack and shakes his head. Don't move on his account, Wheeljack.]

Well... I've got good news, then. You look like you only got hit by half of one.

[Little attempt at a joke. It never hurts, right?]

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Good morning sleeping beauty. [I bet that this is what you always wanted, Wheeljack. You, unable to move while certain Decepticon medic is standing next to your berth, datapad in hand.]
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[Knock Out wasn't standing that close, he's not stupid. And you are slower than usual now, he can take a step back in time to dodge that punch.]

I'm not so sure about that, I've have seen Autobots medics around. That's how you talk to a doctor who's checking on you? Shame.

Tarn made quite the number on you, didn't him? [Knock Out checked the datapad again.] You got away, I guess luck was on your favor. Lie back, you are going to rip out a cable.

[See? He can be a professioanl doctor if he wants.]
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I don't think Ambulon should go anywhere near people right now. [Considering he's having breakdowns every now and then...but that's just Knock Out's opinion.

Is he really? He didn't do anything of that here, don't compare him to SG Ratchet. He only practices with those who wrong him.]

He's not just 'any' Con, however.

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[Oh, hey, Wheeljack. Heard your angst and pain needed company. Figured you might want someone with similar "friends".]

You're holding up remarkably well. [Ambulon's voice is distant before he moves to the side of Wheeljack's slab, reading his medical report. He looks up with half-lidded, tired optics.] How was your rest?
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[Nah. You're going to need to see a psychotherapist about getting rid of dead end friends.]

Lay back down, please. [Ambulon would have shoved Wheeljack back down himself, but... if he could avoid any unnecessary touching, he'd take it.] You're needed for further observation.

[And he totally ignores that last comment, though mechanically rubs at an optic. He scans the 'pad again.] Once you're in the clear, you can skip out of here, if you wish. Actually, no, don't skip. Don't frolic or run or waltz or swagger. Walk carefully, mind your joints; you're in recovery.
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[Ambulon's not in the mood to tell you to see a shrink. Mostly because he needs to see one himself and he's... not. ... Then again, there are pretty no psychotherapists here anyway. So, hey.]

You can do repairs later. [He frowns.] You're more useful in one piece than a dozen. So I want to make sure you don't walk out of here only to collapse again from something we might have failed to pick up or exhaustion. [He's just being very cautious, okay? And a little twitchy.]

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