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Drift ([personal profile] sword_redemption) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2013-07-31 04:25 pm

/insert Linkin Park lyric here

Who Drift and open?
Where badlands
What NDE
When Day 3 of badlands trip
Warnings none lol wtf am I saying, OF COURSE THERE'S ANGST

The stillness of this place makes it hard to tell how much time has passed. A klik? A cycle? Every time he blinks--which seems to take forever, too--the sky is the same murky color, barely distinguishable from the dark, jagged terrain of the badlands.

He can feel it, too, in his audio, in his mind, the whispers scuttling like turbo rats used to, back in the gutters. All those voices, identical and different, like a whole host of enemies, strangers, friends, leaning in close to breath on him the rank breath of his failure.

Because that was what it had been: another failure. Another and another and another. It seems every good thing he'd tried to do since he'd gotten here had failed, had gone awry. Everything except...Wing.

And Primus knows where Wing is, now, and he hurts too much to move, the drain of the Sword has taken too much from him. He can barely lift his head, and when he tries to shift, his hand slips in the puddle of energon spilling from his rent chassis.

He wasn't afraid of dying. He'd never been afraid of dying. But now, even at the last, the part that hurts more than most of those is how this--his death--will hurt Wing.

The jet deserved so much better than that, so much better than him.

"...I was just...trying to help." And this is what it's come to, in the end. Trying to help. And failing. He lets the lids close over his optics, falling into the darkness.

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