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[OPEN] Haven Games and Air Show!

WHERE: Games Caldera, Nexus Territory and other parts of Haven
WHEN: Starting Friday (7/05) and running for three days.
WHAT: A festival of games not unlike the Highland Games with a 'junkyard eclectic' carnival feel.
WARNINGS: None, but subject to change.

((ooc: Putting this up early since I'm not sure I'll be able to on Friday. And it gives people a chance to get sub-threads up.))

Over the past few weeks there's been a bustle of activity in an area southeast of the Hub, deeper in Nexus territory, within a crater the First Forged has granted use of for a very specific purpose: the first Haven Games and Air Show.

Now the time has come. Signs are posted on the Link, in every temple and at the Hub, all pointing the way to this location. A path, worn smooth and wide enough for both multiple vehicles, leads from the Hub to the north edge of the Caldera, winding its way down into the crater's basin with twists and turns. That's only one of many paths though--albeit the largest--that allow access to the floor of the crater which serves as the primary grounds for the festival of games, with events spread throughout its large expanse.

Nearest to that wide road entrance is what looks like a start or finish line with a staging area off to the side, set aside for the Scavenger Race. Along the south-east crater wall lies a shooting range, with safety precautions taken into account, where the Marksmanship Competition will occur. To the south-west lies a straight track of sorts and a make-shift sled--something like a barge with skids--filled with useless items from the Junk Pile. Obviously this is where the Hauling Challenge will take place.

The rock walls of the entire north-western section of the crater have been carefully sculpted into basic stadium seating, giving a clear view of the sky mostly unmarred by the Lambda. There is a small platform stage for presenting at the foot of stadium stands, dead center, and far above it on the lip of the crater a special place of honor has been crafted. A seat larger than the rest reserved for Nexus Prime himself, as promised, bracketed by tall pennant flags of tattered blue cloth. It appears that various events could make use of this space, attendees will have to check the program and see.

Interspersed throughout these areas are smaller booths, tents or roped off areas with simpler games like ring toss, potato sack racing or kites to fly, all unmanned but waiting for visitors to start playing. There's even a few areas where people can pick up simple refreshments. Much of what's here is clearly re-purposed from the Junk Pile; very little in the way of precious raw building materials was used.

★ First Annual ★
Haven Games and Air Show

Located at the new Games Caldera, Nexus territory, a crater southeast of Haven's Hub.
Three days of games: skill, chance and talent. Some food and refreshments available. Medical services onsite if necessary.

Program of Events


Event Time & Location Presider
Opening Ceremonies Morning at the Games Caldera Stadium Wing (with Barricade)
Drag Race Late morning near the Hub Knock Out
A short race on the closest thing Haven has to a road, located outside the Hub.
Talent Competition Afternoon at the Games Caldera Stadium ??
Showcase your talents in this friendly competition. All performance acts (legal and safe) are welcome and judging will be by audience participation.
Air Show: Fireworks over Haven Evening at the Games Caldera Stadium Swoop
Come and enjoy the spectacle of airborne feats with a little extra flash brought to you by Swoop. (fire retardant clothing suggested for organics)


Marksmanship Competition Morning at the Games Caldera, south-east Strelok
If firearms are your thing, join Strelok and others in a competition for the best aim, be it straight shooting or trick shots.
Scavenger Race Early afternoon at the Games Caldera, north Drift
Test your skills as a hunter, both with speed and resourcefulness, in this cross country race to find various items from around Haven. Teams of two are required: One mech and one organic.
Karaoke Evening at the Bar Ravage and Glit
A talented voice is suggested but not required for this friendly little singing activity. Pick a song and sing the lyrics provided, hopefully it's one you know! One additional drink beyond the usual ration will be granted per song sung!


Paintball War All day at the Games Caldera, the Hub & the Junkpile ??
Some mysterious benefactor seems to have left some paintball equipment--some of it Cybertronian weaponry that's been hastily modified--along with some colored strips of cloth that could be worn as sashes or headbands, in a tent next to the Marksmanship Competition.
Hauling Challenge Morning at the Games Caldera, south-west ??
Test your strength by hauling a load of junk! (exciting, we know) See how far you can haul a weighted sled in a specific amount of time. Cross the finish line in time and proceed to the next round with an even heavier sled.
Air Show: Courtly Flight Afternoon (Dusk) at the Games Caldera Stadium Wing
An intricate display of sky dancing custom choreographed for this very special event.
Closing Ceremonies Evening at the Games Caldera Stadium Wing + anyone else with well wishes.

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