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Flonne ([personal profile] eternallove) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2013-06-06 01:55 pm

[Open] Gifts and Making Friends

WHO: Flonne and you~
WHERE: Prima’s Quadrant/Police Headquarters
WHEN: Around now
WHAT: Flonne wandering, but wandering with a purpose in a quest to befriend the one and only Mr. Grumpy who is also known as Prowl. Crayon pictures may be involved.
WARNINGS: None so far, unless you count the fact Flonne is dense as a brick. Will add when needed.

Flonne had been content and happy to remain within the temple and only making treks to explore now and again. Even obtaining food was an adventure, sure it was hard but being positive about it all was the best way to get through it and there was also some really interesting things sometimes found in the Junkyard. But this wasn’t exploring time, but a mission of most importance.

She had a robot to befriend and show just how wonderful such love could be.

Which was why she was actually walking with a purpose, she was not going to allow herself to be distracted by anything today. She was going to march right into that Police Headquarters her little sack full of handmade tokens she had made, and was about and give the first blow in the battle of love and kindness. She had made this first strike extra special and had even made a lot of extra things to give to others there. It had taken a lot of time to find all of the supplies and then make the pictures and paper flowers, but she had done so. There was even a special one that she left back where she was sleeping to give to Prima somehow to say thank you for letting her stay here when she had shown up. That one though would be done on a special delivery when she learned how to give it to him.

But that was not now. Today was a day of thanking and brightening up those who were trying to protect them.

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