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Ambulon (all the good names are taken okay) ([personal profile] rstlsslegsyndrm) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2013-06-03 02:52 pm

(•̪┌┐•̪) CRANK LMFAO

WHO: Ambulon and anyone who wants to party
WHERE: Around the Haven, but sticking close to the temples when driving.
WHEN: A day after this post.
WHAT: Ambulon has a new alt form and he is taking it for a test drive. ... Okay, he's just really happy and driving around because YAY!! Join him for good times?
WARNINGS: N/A, but maybe slow responses, as is my way abloo.

It had been... so very, very long since Ambulon last had a vehicle alt mode. A very long time since he transformed and actually been useful. The first time in a long time, in fact, and it felt so strange as his systems adjusted to his secondary form. Of course, Ambulon took some time to get his sea legs (no pun intended - but HA, what did that matter now?), but it didn't take long.

Now, Ambulon just wanted to drive. Maybe he was going too fast, and being a little reckless; maybe he was pulling some stupid albeit minor stunts. Whatever. He knew his limits. And he was going to push them right to the edge. Because damn, nothing felt more awesome than the wind roaring in his audiols as he peeled on wheels through mostly-barren streets.

For once in a very long time, Ambulon felt completely irresponsible and totally okay with that.

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