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[Closed] Share and share alike

WHO: Perceptor, Wing and Drift
WHERE: Vector's tower, Wing and Drift's room
WHEN: Shortly following this.
WHAT: Wing doesn't want Perceptor excluded from Drift's life. Neither does Drift or Perceptor! Now they figure out how it all works.
WARNINGS: All the shippy things you can imagine? Probably angst, schmoop and stuff in-between.

Wing cruised the air currents in pace with Perceptor, low to the ground but at a companionable distance. Not certain whether the scientist had seen this part of the Haven yet or not, he called out points of interest along the way via comm link. The white crystal bridges and cables of the temple environs shone in the sun as they entered the rock framed gorge that is Vector Prim's primary domain. Once inside, Wing pointed out as much as he could on the way to lift, an elevator with nothing but a simple railing that ascends the hollow interior of the tower.

Playing tour guide might seem odd given the measure of seriousness in what's ahead, but keeping things light and companionable is what Wing prefers. For himself and Perceptor. He wants, desperately to make this work and be a benefit to everyone.

Wing's quarters, now housing Drift as well, are near the top of the tower, high enough that they crest the edge of the gorge and can be touched by the rising sun. His balcony doors, as always, are open to the fresh air, the long tail of a red pennant marking his landing point flapping idly in a small breeze. He's cleared out most of the books, and even a fair amount of the colored glass collection he'd assembled, keeping on the best pieces and on the balcony where the sun would catch them. The berth seems more sized for a mech like Ultra Magnus, indeed most of the whole room does, which might be Wing's secret in getting ceilings so tall as well.

Wing enters, telling Perceptor to make himself at home, gesturing to the two chairs near the small table (thankfully, of more average size). He pulls the Great Sword from his back, stowing in a rack on the wall before claiming one of the chairs himself. That probably leaves Drift with the berth, but well, it's fitting?

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