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[Closed] On the heels of war and wonder

WHO: Vandal and Wing
WHERE: Vector's Temple
WHEN: Backdated to during the species swap event, after Vandal's night with Drift.
WHAT: Flying lessons
WARNINGS: Vandal language. Probably innuendo. Maybe schmoop?

It's nice to find something positve among all the chaotic changes people were undergoing. Wing is happy for Vandal and her new Cybertronian form. And as nice as it is to look her in the optics and not worry about hurting or stepping on her, the greatest boon is how stunningly happy it's made her.

To Wing, that makes it absolutely priceless.

And now that she's discovered her alt-mode with Drift's encouragement, she needs to learn to use it. So here they are, at the top of one of the highest platforms in Vector's temple area, a sheer drop below them into the gorge...and the forcefield far below that acts as a safety net.

The joy of flying is one that many dream of. Now, Vandal has the opportunity. Only, well...she's having a bit of trouble.
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"There is no fucking way. I am jumping off this."

Vandal has no intention of letting go of Wing as she peers over the edge only to wince back abruptly.

"What if I don't fly? What if I just go... splat!"

Well maybe not...

"Or crunch!"
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The EM is an odd feeling now. Before she could feel it, like static, but now it carries something more. It's like a whole new dimension of social queues.

"Haha... right. Fluffy..." She peers down again, her grip still tight on him as she tries to convince herself.

"Okay. Alright. I can do this. Yep. Totally. No problem."
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"I..." She looks again, worried. His presence does help. She hesitates.

"Yeah uh. I can try that. But promise you'll catch me if I don't manage to take off?"

Reluctantly she takes a step back and prepares to attempt to transform.