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July 1st, 2014 
Who: Wing and Knock Out
What: KO asked Wing out, Wing accepted. 
Where: Starting at the Hub, and only KO knows where they'll be heading from there.
When: Few days ago, right after this and before event start. 
Warnings: I dunno, whatever KO brings with him. And Wing being cute. 

Wing stood outside of the hub, waiting for Knock Out. He's already had a good day with Drift, showing his student why things were studied slow, and then dragging him off to Trion's temple to adopt a couple cats; Rodimus and Skyhopper were happily exploring their new home now. And now it was evening, and time for Wing to meet up with Knock Out.  He couldn't help but wonder what the mech had planned for them. 
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10:21 pm - [CLOSED] weenies
WHO: Drift and Wing
WHERE: Hippie house (aka Drift and Wing's rad bachelor pad at the Hub)
WHEN: As soon as Wing gets back from THIS.
WHAT: Drift being an emotionally constipated weenie and Wing being Wing

I-it's not like I LIKE you or anything, b-baka! )
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