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this is absolutely a good idea

Who: sentinel and blurr
What: come betray everyone with me bruh
Where: the bar
When: after liege sends out his message but before blurr goes to fight
Warnings: sentinel

[he's slightly anxious. of course he is, after the talk with liege - there were so many variables he wasn't sure about or if liege was even lying about the entire thing but honestly? the worst thing that could happen would be dying, and that a certainty if they try to fight unicron.

stepping back into the bar, sentinel takes the robot equivalent of a deep breath, grabs a random cube out of someone's hand as he walks past and puts on his best douchebag grin as he spots blurr and saunters over to the booth, sliding in and dumping the cube on the table. (oil mix? whoever he took this off has horrible taste.)]

I can't believe everyone came here after being called to arms! What... camaraderie! [a snort] Seriously though, big god of evil in the sky, go fight him, whatever. How are you doing?
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[Blurr jumps slightly. He wasn't expecting that reaction.]

W-wait! [Cube forgotten, he makes use of his much faster speed to catch up on Sentinel...and give him a hug.] No matter what happens, I'll miss you.
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[He should stay and die like a man fight by his friend's side, no chicken out to elope with Mr. CrazyPantsLiege.

Blurr's is not going to insists further and thus he takes a step away.

Yes Maybe No, he wants Sentinel to stay.] Fine. [He fidgets a bit before speaking again.]

If you are really leaving, can you take frank with you? I might not be able to take care of him by the end of the week. [Since he might be dead and all that.]
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[Blurr was expecting a no, to be honest. His surprised face changes into relief, a small smile appearing on his face.]

He's waiting outside the bar, he will follow you if you because he knows you. Thanks, Sentinel.
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[He's going to look totally crushed while you leave, ENJOY HIS EYES PIERCING A HOLE IN THE BACK OF YOUR SKULL YOU MASKED CHICKEN.]