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It's now or never...

Who: Lea and Elsa [Closed]
Where: The Hub, the room Elsa occupied due to radiation
When: Just before Lea goes off to battle
What: Lea has a special gift for Elsa, and needs to give it to her while there's still time

Lea had been trying to think of a good time to give Elsa the wayfinder he'd made for her, but hadn't been able to quite convince himself it was a good idea. Because, well, she could make such beautiful tings with ice with just a thought. And not only that, but she was a queen; she must have much more spectacular jewelry at home. His little good luck charm, made of scavenged materials, would probably look cheap and lame by comparison.

But fate had decided for him, it seemed, and now there was no time to delay. There might not be a chance later, for any of them. So he was here, at Elsa's supposedly temporary room in the Hub, with only a few minutes before he had to leave for the battlefield. He knocked to announce himself, but didn't wait for Elsa to answer before he opened the door.

"Elsa?", he said as he stepped inside. "I... need to talk to you a minute."
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It was sort of a big deal to her; that she wasn't afraid. She'd come under some sense of control over her powers, the only thing that could make her lose it again was anger and mortal peril. Elsa was sure there was something else, she just couldn't put her finger on it, and she wasn't about to go looking for it.

The room, naturally, had been encased with ice. Whether or not it was on purpose or not was still up in the air. Elsa had stood to open the door, but when he walks in, she freezes. No pun intended.

"Lea." Her expression is rather indecipherable. Still rocking that armor though.

"...You're going out there, aren't you?" she murmurs, sounding a little more accusing than she wanted. Elsa winces, another spire climbs up the wall.

"Sorry---" Deep breath in, and out. No panicking. Conceal. Don't feel.

"What's wrong?"
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"Then I'm going with you." she shoots back immediately. She'd already decided a long time ago that she would anyways.

"For the same reason. I---I can help, I have the ability, sitting here is just wasting it."
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But her determination melts (literally) when he draws the Wayfinder. At first, she's not sure what it is, it looks huge and clunky and weird, but the closer she looks, the more charm it had. He made it, for her.

" made this?" Pardon her flabberghasted look, as it really sets in that he made it for her, with her in mind. Sure, Anna had made her things before. Little bracelets, drawings of each other, all slipped under the door for her. But never had she been made something this personal by someone other than her sister.

She's almost afraid to touch it, like it's precious and that she'll break it, but she takes it, almost surprised at how heavy it is. He reveals it's meaning, and something about her demeanor changes completely. The tension in her disappears, and she smiles.

"No matter where or what." she repeats to herself, turning it over, then glancing at his matching one. Big, stupid, goofy grin appears, and even a small sheepish chuckle as she rubs at her eye. No, she's not crying, never, nope.

"Sorry, I just. No one has...really ever made something like this for me before. " she chuckles out again, feeling silly for even the thought of crying. Several long spires of ice that protruded from the walls seem to mimic her with puddles of melted ice beginning underneath them.
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1/2 i cant actually handle these two i may cry for the both of them

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"That's...incredible." It makes her think about the other possible powers she may have under her own, but the thought doesn't stay long. It makes her chuckle, seeing him smile like a big silly dumb. She feels twice as foolish but hey. She's a queen at home, you don't get away with this every day.

She opens her mouth to retort---"I---I didn't, really, I just...stopped by, and..." fell asleep is what she wants to say, but then she stopped short with his small confession. Ohhhh boy.
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She has noooooo idea what to do with that. All Elsa knows right now is that there's a lump in her throat and her mouth is open stupidly like she was going to say something and woah remember to breathe girl.

She sputters, fumbling with her words for a moment. You broke her, Lea. Call again later. Looking back at the Wayfinder in her hand, she turns it over and over nervously, as though she were back to square one again. But the ice isn't crawling up the walls, trying to protect her. In fact, there's an invading sound of dripping water. Some of the overhead stalagmites of ice began to thin, while others well near disappeared completely. The water didn't remain, but it was obvious that the defensive ice walls she'd encased the room in were beginning to thaw out.

It distracts her from answering him.

"I---I do, I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever received---from anyone." she starts, looking around at the walls with the most confused look on her face.

"How---I don't---" In fact, she begins to panic.

"I don't know how, or even if I'm doing that, that's not me, I'm---I don't know how to---"

Not that that's bad news, if it is her, but she can't really tell at this point, it's all rather subconscious.

"You're not doing that, are you?"

Elsa, Elsa honey, yes, it's him alright.
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thats it games over this is all that needed to happen

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"That...that's impossible, that----" she instantly replied only now putting some real thought into it. Maybe it was possible.

"But---Anna." Really, she thought hard about it. Anna was the most loving person she knew, and she loved her too. But really---- she was always too scared to feel it. Now she wasn't scared, and wasn't afraid, and she could really feel all those things. Looking down at the ice, she bites her lip. With a brisk wave of her hand, the ice disappears, receding from the walls & the ceiling.

Seeing it all disappear only makes her field of expression blow right open, with a look of wonder and relief. She could unfreeze Arendelle. She could fix the problem she had at home. She could actually save Anna.

"All of it, everything---it was all this easy, this whole time." she murmurs, hardly believing it herself. A moment passes as her gaze returns to the Wayfinder, finally putting it on like the necklace it is. It is rather clunky, but she can't imagine it any different. Elsa chuckles out of turn, hiding the color on her face. Well. Trying to.

"Well, then it is you. Just, you know. Not really." Oh that was silly, Elsa, stop talking.