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A final decision

Who: McCrane and YOU
What: The ex-police commander has been thinking about what new direction he wants to take after loosing members of the Brave Police again. It's been the usual quiet McCrane, out wandering and patrolling the edges of the Haven over the past month or so while Blurr takes over the Enforcers. Now, he needs someone to kick him back into being social again.
Where: Wandering! McCrane can be encountered anywhere, though less likely in one of the temples.
When: Now-ish.
Since I've been away for a bit, my assumption with McCrane has been that he's been in an introspective funk, passing the police over to Blurr after realizing what Prowl had been up to and after loosing more members of the Brave Police. It can also be assumed he was around for the Zone event, though he would have been participating only as needed to help keep people safe. Feel free to put him there or away for any other events according to what would be easiest for your character!


McCrane had not felt like being anywhere, and so he'd travelled everywhere.

It was an unusual feeling. Always, he'd had a place with the Brave Police and with the Enforcement squad. He'd known being commander was a difficult task that he was not entirely prepared for, and he'd worked hard to be as good as he remembered Deckard being. There had been more than one time in which he'd questioned his role, but he'd survived in it somehow.

Then, when Deckard had come back and when he'd realized how Prowl had been manipulating him, it had all started to unravel again. He had not felt comfortable being in charge of the entire force. He longer for command of a smaller group, working on smaller missions, combining skills to accomplish greater tasks. Deckard would make a better chief of police. So would Blurr. Together, they'd be even more incredible...though he suspected that, like him, Deckard would need some time to become acclimatized to Cybertrons ways.

When the other Brave police had started disappearing, he'd stood up one day and left Headquarters, heading out for the badlands. Half-way out he'd stopped.

He did not want to go looking, beause he knew what he'd find. He also did not want to return to headquarters, because of what he wouldn't find.

It was easier to make no decision at all, and stay on the edges of the Haven. He could set up posts that would make good sniper bushes in case of a monster attack, and he could make other preparations for if the badlands ever tried an incursion on the Haven again. He would be ready, and if Blurr or Deckard or Gunmax needed him they could still call.

That would be enough...

And for a while, it was enough.

Now, it didn't feel like enough anymore. He'd set up more bushes than he could possibly use, and he'd marked every piece of useful high ground. There was nothing left for him out here, but he didn't know how to go back.

What would he do now? What would he say?

He could wander forever, and that would be easy...but it wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be what a member of the Brave Police would do.

It was time to why was that still so hard to do?

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The reaction was... probably more of a relief than it should have been. It meant McCrane wasn't surprised to see him. Wasn't surprised to see he was alive. That he'd expected, in some way, to see a living prototype.

Therefore... his memories must be intact.

Some of the tension eased out of the tall frame, and his expression flickered between hurt and relief. Before it closed off again, while he buried the feelings down.

"Where were you?"
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"You have?"

There was an odd quality of skepticism in his voice. And his expression. His head cocked to one side, looking McCrane up and down. "Out of both of us, who has made poorer choices?"

He spoke of things back home, of course. Of the fact McCrane still lived. Of the fact McCrane had everything he could want -- family, friends. And here, the other BP had made a name for himself, made an impression.

He shook his head. "And you believe that I do?" he asked, quietly. "I... have been standing in the same place, waiting, ever since Kay left. McCrane..."

It was supposed to make the other BP feel better. He wasn't sure if it was succeeding or not.

"I'm not the one to ask. Not about these things." He glanced back the way he'd come, after a moment, before adding. "But you can stand with me, until we figure it out."