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Deckard {BP-001} ([personal profile] thankyou4myheart) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs 2014-08-28 03:53 am (UTC)

HOLY SHIT WOW I totally thought I'd replied to this by now. OTL

Deckard watched the conflict play across McCrane's face. It broke his heart to see it, and he wished so badly there was something more he could do. He started to comment on the lesson, but the last derailed him completely.

"Still want you...? McCrane, how can you even ask me that? Of course I want you back!" He gripped the sniper's shoulders. "You're my teammate, McCrane. You're . . . you're family." Family meant so much to Deckard, ever since the Tomonagas had claimed him - even Yuuichirou and Amami, calling him "Tomonaga Patokichi" - and the other Braves were even closer to "family" to him than his adoptive human family. "You're like a brother, McCrane. Family always stays together, no matter what." Yuuta and Azuki and Kurumi had taught him that. And everything he had ever been through with his teammates.

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