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Hi-ho headcanon... ^,^;;; (re: trines, trinebond)

"Without my team, I have never felt completely whole."

Thundercracker nodded. "The feeling of incompleteness - I can relate. I'm here without my trine. That's still hard sometimes." A hand strayed to his canopy, indirectly to his spark where the sense of two others who should be there...wasn't. Since exchanging a bond with Starscream and Skywarp eons ago, Thundercracker had never really been without his trine until coming here. It'd been one of the things that had kept him from settling for months, feeling restless and isolated as he had.

The Build Team. Deckard, and to a lesser extent Gunmax, had told him about them. "Fighter against threats to the city, tactician, and team lead of a four-mech subgroup within a larger team . . . that still only consisted of eight mechs total all told. Don't know if you've really thought of it, but it's a pretty big leap from that to what you've been doing here. You've been holding a position that's nothing like you had or had even been meant for back home, unless I'm mistaken. And in a place far more hostile by nature, before you add the outside threats. And you held the position for, what, year and a half or something?" He shrugged. "I'd call that a pit of a feat, personally."

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