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"Thank you, Thundercracker," McCrane said, quietly. "I mean that."

He had not considered himself successful at navigating emotions by any means...but he did understand what his friend meant. There had been others who had not been able to control their emotions...and while McCrane always defaulted to trying to stifle emotions instead of working with them, he'd still managed to get his work done.

Because of that, TC's next question seemed like a logical extrapolation. "What...was I built for?"


That actually required thought. "The Brave police were built to protect Nanamagiri city from the rising threat of extreme elements. My own specialization is as a tactical officer, and also as the leader of the Build Team." It was important that they be able to handle natural disasters as well as villains, after all.

He...he had not been able to do that as well, lately. Without the entirety of Build Team....

"I have not been performing those duties," he stated dismally. "Without my team, I have never felt completely whole." Leading the police force had fulfilled some part of that in him...but even that had not turned out the way he'd expected it to.

"What am I supposed to do, when what I've been built for is not what I'm capable of?"

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