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Thundercracker tried unsuccessfully to suppress a soft huff –something that wanted to be a bit of a chuckle, really –at the first comment and shook his head.  "Don't know if anyone has a schematic for emotions.  Everyone has to learn to navigate.  Some do it better than others, and some never quite seem to learn."  He wondered sometimes if he himself were closer to the latter end of things than the former, though even he was better than some he could think of.  All of them Decepticons, come to think of it –imagine that.  "For what it's worth, you do better than many I've known."

  The old Seeker studied his friend.  If what he'd heard of the Earth-bots was true, none of them were older than two solar cycles, even combining both their times here and back on Earth.  To put it in terms McCrane might best relate to, it was saying he was only days or even hours –mere minutes? –old compared to someone like Thundercracker.  And to think of all that McCrane had been through at least since arriving here…

  Thundercracker didn't know how it was with the Autobots, but with Decepticons . . . the old ones like him had known a life before war, before the widespread strife that had become their daily norm since.  They'd lived through the transitions and had time to adjust.  The newer ones, like Jadewing, were simply thrown into things and force to, as he'd heard humans put it, "sink or swim."  And Thundercracker had seen at least as many sink as swim.  The Seeker knew that McCrane and the other Earth-bots had a much different experience –both back home and even here, where at least there was no active, ongoing war –but he wondered if the principles weren't the same, in essence.  Whatever life had been like back home for McCrane for however long he'd lived it, he'd had no mentors nor even really peers significantly older them him from which to learn and on which to lean.  From what Deckard had told Thundercracker of their situation back home, McCrane and his few fellows had only had each other to muddle through both daily life and Life In General.  Then to be pulled from that and thrust into a place like this, with its hardships, its shortages, and its dangers?  At such an unimaginably young age?

  He didn't know what to say to the last.  But he should say something at least.

 "Tell me, McCrane . . . what exactly was the purpose you were built for?"  Maybe remembering the basics would help…?

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