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McCrane had heard the engine approaching for some time...but he'd kept walking. Hearing engines on a planet of transforming robots was becoming commonplace to him, even if he still missed the sound of Nanamagiri city. He'd been built for police work on Earth...

...But Earth felt so long ago, to him. He'd lived on Cybertron for the majority of his life, and it had started to become his home.

With such introspective thoughts distracting him, McCrane failed to recognise the sound of the engine until it was close. He failed to think on who it might be and he failed to think it was specifically coming for him...but he did not fail to jump into the air when the engine revved.

He knew who it was, now.


Turning around, McCrane still looked more than a little frazzled.

"'re disturbing the peace!"

There wasn't a law against it, of course, but it was the first statement that came into his head.

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