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Re: Same for this one - also HAI walls-'o-text oy... >,o

McCrane was driving.

He remembered Gunmax saying once to him how much riding his gunbike could help clear his thoughts, out, away from everything. Maybe it was the wind, or the steady motion of the roads...but McCrane had taken something from the comment.

It was only chance that he glanced into his mirror as he drove, spotting a familiar trail of dust. He knew the shape of that car as well as he knew the shapes of all the Brave Police, and a spark of interest grew in his AI. He missed Deckard.

He missed everyone.

Deckard, however, would be the hardest one to talk to.

He still slowed, letting the patrol car gain on him. The fact that this conversation would not be easy meant that he needed to face it head-on, and learn from his mistakes. He wanted Deckard's approval.

He just had been through so much...

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