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Anywhere you like, really

Thundercracker scanned for McCrane as he flew his patrols. It'd become habit. The Earth-built mech seemed to need a bit of looking after in recent months as some unspoken sadness, a brokenness even, seemed to have settled into the mech's spark. Or heart. Or…whatever it was the Earth-bots called their center of being.

The Seeker wanted to help but didn't know how. Or if he could at all, even. Two years ago – had he really been here almost that long now? – he wouldn't have bothered, not for a non-Cybertronian and certainly not for a non-Decepticon (not for another 'Con either, but that was beside the point). He wasn't sure if he'd have even noticed. Now?

McCrane was someone the weary veteran trusted, someone he respected, both of which attributes were hard-earned from the old Seeker. Ultra Magnus had been the one who accepted him as a member of the police force, but it was McCrane who had cemented it, giving Thundercracker a place and group to belong to when he desperately needed one. He even considered the mech his friend, just didn't know if McCrane thought the same of him. McCrane had certainly looked out for him enough times. The least he could do was try to offer the same.

Thundercracker spotted his friend among the rocks below. Most times, he left the Earth-bot alone, respecting his seeming desire for solitude. This time, something told him solitude was not what was needed, and he found himself descending before he'd completed the thought.

Transforming, he landed lightly on his feet just enough distance from McCrane to not startle or threaten him. "McCrane." He nodded his head in greeting, then tilted it slightly as he folded his arms. "You seem lost." Not lost as in "don't know location" – the other kind was what he meant.

He was no longer a Decepticon, but unfortunately his social skills hadn't improved any because of it yet either.

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