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Routine patrol [CLOSED]

WHO:  Deckard, Gunmax
WHERE: Edge of Haven, facing the Badlands
WHEN:  Sometime after this conversation
WHAT:  Routine patrol and probably getting their asses handed to them
WARNINGS:  Gunmax?  XD
  Sorry, Ryo!  Had this written two days ago but kept forgetting to post orz

Deckard stood just within the edge of Haven, waiting for his teammate. Gazing out over the bleak landscape on the other side of the ridge, he could pick out what he'd been told was the border of the Badlands. Standing this close, he could see why people were so leery of it – he could feel the dark tug in his mind, Prima's bright white Glyph burning in stark contrast to the black and yellow stripes on his shoulder. He'd never ventured out there, but he'd been told the stories of encounters by those who had. Thundercracker, for one, had had quite a bit to say about what lay out there.

For the time being, though, Deckard didn't care what lay out there so much as what could come in here. Giant mechanical centipede things and other twisted horrors were far from unknown. It was one of the duties of the Haven Police – and inherently, of the Brave Police in particular – to keep them from getting far and hurting anyone.

Frowning, Deckard checked his ammo stock while he waited for the biker cop. Damn, what he wouldn't give sometimes for J-Decker.
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Gunmax rolled up... eventually. Turns out it's actually pretty difficult to scrub glitter out of one's joints and it had taken Gunmax way too long. Hadn't even gotten it all.


He pulled up next to Deckard, dismounting and giving the other BP unit the most apologetic look he could manage. Which wasn't actually all that apologetic looking, but hey, he tried.

"Sorry, didn't mean t'keep you waiting."
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"Ready as I'll ever be."

Gunmax gives his gun a quick look over, leaning against his bike. "Wow, way to roll two cliche phrases into the same paragraph. But you're right, peace and quiet never lasts, does it. Glad I'm not the only one feeling pessimistic about things."
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"On my way, fearless leader."

Gunmax hopped back on Gunbike and revved the engine, following closely behind Deckard. "Anything specific we're lookin' for, or are we just killin' time out here?"
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"Tch. The last time I came out this way, I got chewed up and my bike got trashed. Long as we can avoid that, I won't complain."

Too much. Gunmax did like to complain.
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"Ah, some kinda big... caterpillar robot thing. Maybe a month or two ago? It's no big deal."

Well actually it kind of WAS but Gunmax likes to think he can play everything cool.