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Part patrol, part pondering [OPEN]

WHO:  Thundercracker and anyone
WHERE:  All over Haven - no, really...he's a fighter jet, he can get from end to end in minutes if he wants
WHEN:  This week, spans several days
WHAT:  Someone's out trying to keep himself busy . . . and maybe his mind a little quieter than it's getting
WARNINGS:  Only if you bring any
NOTES:  Don't forget to add your tag to the log.   ^,^  also HAHA I suck at log starts sometimes.  x,x

Thundercracker's out and about, usually airborne - he's a Seeker, what would you expect? - but often landing as well, especially if something, or someone, catches his attention.  It's just that things have been . . . quiet around Haven lately.  Too quiet.  And he's getting restless because of it.  What's that human saying he heard on television a few times (give him a break, it was the Stunticons who always had the thing going) - "It's always calmest before the storm", or something like that.

Why can't he shake the feeling that something's coming?  And where are the First-Forged?  When will they be returning?  Will they be?  Or has whatever they went off to deal with overpowered them?  And what about those . . . those demons he encountered months ago.  Yes, they still plague his recharge sometimes.

Other things bother him too, things he can't quite pinpoint - or just can't quite face.  Like that fact that he's nearly asked his roommate if he'd like to be trine with him.  More than once.  He doesn't know how Starscream would take it, though.  Or Cliffjumper, for that matter.  He's not afraid of the little Autobot - that's a laughable thought, even - but he doesn't want trouble, either.  He finds himself wanting to approach Wing too.  For old times' sake, or whatever.  And . . . and Jadewing.   Because the sparkling Seeker is probably longing for his trine even more than Thundercracker is.

Right now, though . . . he'll take just about anyone's company.  If only to help get the wheels in his head to quit spinning ceaselessly.

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He noticed, yes, but since it's brief

::We might live together, yes, but we hardly spend every non-recharging moment together,:: Jetfire says, amusement bleeding through his words as he does a lazy roll before stabilising, ::he would get pretty... ah, frustrated should he spend that much time in the lab with me.::

Even if Starscream still engaged in scientific research, he rather insisted on keeping up his image... and space. Jetfire wouldn't insist, since he got him into the lab him with every now and then anyway.

::And I was coming down from one of the moons.:: So not even just stretching his wings around the Haven, but something a bit more ambitious than that.
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::Hmmmm. He wasn't so bad before the war, but changes... are to be expected.:: Starscream had just changed (or had things unearthed and blown up) in a far more extreme fashion than he'd ever expected to.

Though, honestly, that was a truth with modification and applying their former and partly current relationship to the situation right when they met - Starscream didn't actually like people in "his" lab.

Jetfire had just managed to stay in that lab despite Starscream's efforts until he'd gotten into the "tolerable" zone.

::As I ought to be,:: Jetfire said, and he might have lingering annoyance shading his voice regarding the earlier inability to. ::Should explore that field further... And no, just exploring. Taking geological samples and getting a view of the Lambda from a closer yet somewhat safer distance than approaching it directly.::
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Jetfire chuckled dryly at that, flicking his wings and sacrificing his stable flight path for a moment, having to right himself.

::I know. I wasn't with him when he first found himself in the arena, and even after he showed me what he was doing it took far longer before he revealed he was involved with the Decepticons...:: pausing, he was quiet for a few moments.

If he'd been involved from the start, would he have understood? No, but it might have made him stay for even longer, which wouldn't have made himself any favours.

::I saw a lot of the changes firsthand, and the rest... after I... ah, left, secondhand, from the battlefield or from others' accounts,:: Jetfire said, then angled himself slightly sideways and would've arched an upper optic ridge if he'd had a face to do it with at the moment, ::and as for taking someone with me, I can. As long as they can fit in my cockpit.::

He resisted a snort - he'd taken Starscream with him to get closer to the Lambda once, and hadn't that been an... experience. Starscream was barely small enough to fit (that was, not really).
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::Hmm, well. Starscream does, so by that token you would too,:: a pause, and Jetfire would've smiled dryly if he was currently capable of it, ::though 'fitting' might be somewhat... ah, generous. My cockpit would be very cramped.::

Of course, Thundercracker, being of a different temperament than Starscream, would probably find it easier to sit still and not touch anything, which would make the trip far more tolerable.

::So it could probably be arranged.::
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::Ah... Nowhere.:: Jetfire chuckles and drops away from Thundercracker for a bit, rolling after he has the space available. ::I was merely descending. My chosen method of doing so might not be the one others prefer to use.::

Especially as he was aimed straight down and would've swooped back up at the last possible moment, imitating a battletactic. Though that one involved slamming the mech he'd grabbed into the ground, not avoiding the ground at the last possible moment.
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::Mmmhm. Not quite that deep no. I tend to pull up at the last moment,:: Jetfire said, chuckling as he rolls again before continuing, ::but that is basically the method of a particular combat maneuver I use on aerial combatants. It's quite effective.::

Most people tend to not just (at the least) get dented after being slammed into the ground, they also get disoriented, after all. Jetfire, being larger and built with more armour (and especially after having added some himself), was less affected by the sudden drop.
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::Might be a good idea, though presently I can't see a situation occurring that would end up with the necessity of using such a maneuver.:: Jetfire would've smiled if he could, instead he just cruised along, flicking his tailfins briefly.

::And what of you? Simply out for a flight?::
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::It has been quiet lately... though frankly I hope this will become the norm instead of being more similar to brief... ah, intermissions among various chaos.::

Sighing, Jetfire knew the situation probably wouldn't stay as it was, but he was certainly hoping it would be.