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☄️ Terrible Chin Being ☄️ ([personal profile] primest) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2014-05-21 11:03 pm


WHO: knock out and sentinel
WHERE: a nondescript area in the junk pile
WHEN: todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
WHAT: idiots being idiots also one of them gets shot for being an idiot (it's knock out)
WARNINGS: a little bit of robo-blood and also probably lots of robot swearing

Quite possibly the worst thing about being surrounded by mechs you hate means that it gets quite hard to avoid them all.

Thankfully, the Junk Pile was a thing that existed and something that was hideously easy to find neat spots that no-one had any interest in going near. This space even had a neat little robo-couch! Those are so hard to find! Sentinel would carry it back to his room if he cared enough to clean it properly.

Oh, well. Back to being an avoidant dumbshit baby and shooting at those little makeshift targets he made with his totally-not-given-by-the-Pillar-gun. Stopping every now and then to make sure he's still alone and that no-one would get in the way like Cliffjumper taught him.

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