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WHO: Sentinel, Blackarachnia and Blurr
WHERE: the Police Force headquarters
WHEN: A day after this and this conversations.
WHAT: Blurr's trying to figure out what really happened between Sentinel and BA
WARNINGS:  Adult robots behaving like little children. Most likely snark and bitchiness.

[Blurr decided that sitting between the two of them would be the wiser idea but as he rested his arms on the table he started to reconsider his life decisions. He's been doing that more and more often this last year.]

So...who wants to start?

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[You better be reconsidering those life choices Blurr because Blackarachnia's only here to humor you. She already knows that nothing good or constructive will come of this.]

The only thing I have to say is that it was self defense and Sentinel needs to watch where he steps. He's also lucky I had the yellow energon in my system or who knows what kind of idiocy he would have gotten into.

[At that she glances towards Blurr. If she needs to bring up and example of what kind of idiocy, well. Blurr can provide her with an excellent example what someone high on green energon is capable of.]
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[he's trying so hard to keep his voice monotone and not get mad...]

I told you I checked the area before I started firing and stopped doing anything as soon as you made your presence known. I'm glad you acknowledge that had it not been for the energon, I would've come out of that much worse. Despite not even actively trying to harm you in the first place.

I'm not entirely sure you understand self defence claims, Blackarachnia.
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I know exactly what self defense means bolt for brains. You didn't listen when I asked you to cut it out and just kept on trying to offline me. Of course I reacted. Do you have any idea what a spider does when she's threatened?

[She crosses her arms and glares towards both of the blue boys.]

I tied him up with webbing and bit him. The idea was to distract him while I tried to get away. Only Flail About Prime over there wouldn't stay still so I had to web him up all the way.

I was panicked and angry. So I reacted like any self respecting spider would. Just be glad I'm not poisonous like my namesake or you'd be one dead bot.
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Your perspective was clearly warped by the yellow energon. As soon as you made it clear you were hiding under some of the junk, I stopped. 'Cause, you know, as an Autobot I wouldn't try to offline a helpless Preda-whatever you are.

[he crosses his arms over his chest.] If you had just left like any self respecting spider then we wouldn't have had this problem. Being angry isn't any excuse to attack someone.
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And your perspective is clearly warped by green energon. I clearly remember you not stopping and doing everything you could to antagonize me. I also doubt your "good Autobot" claim. Especially because I used to be a Predacon.

[Her optics narrow a little.]

You can be a good guy and still have your head up your aft.

[Blackarachnia may be speaking from experience on that particular statement.]

Yes, the biting was necessary. Distract them with pain then flee and it was more fear than anger at that point. If I didn't, he'd still be a flailing idiot trying to wipe me out with those over sized feet of his because I wasn't sure if my webbing would even hold him long enough to let me get the pit out of there.

[At this point she levels a red optic glare at the both of them.]

The point is, it was self defense. He would NOT stop and continued to stomp around like an over grown idiot. Slag, he got worse after I asked him to stop and kept on saying I couldn't tell him what to do.
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Head up your aft, that's funny coming from you. For the record? I don't give a slag about your Predacon alignment.

[sentinel is 100% confident that he is in the right and ba will get her due, here.] You asked me to stop, which I did because once again I don't want to hurt you [that's a lie, he'd very much like to throttle her] but you then continued because you were so convinced I wanted to do anything to you.

[gently ignoring that blaster question from blurr...]

This could probably have just been put down to energon influence, if you hadn't broken into my room and made it clear you have a vendetta for no reason against me!
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Re: A+ handling problems Sentinel

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You stopped huh? Then why did you pull the blaster on me if you weren't trying to hurt me.

[Sorry, Blackarachnia's not going to let you get away with that either.]

What I did, I did in self defense. Pure and simple and besides the BOTH of you should be thanking me for it. Otherwise neither one of you would have been cured of the Green Energon.

[She gives both of them a level glare. Blurr, you are going to really owe her for this.]

I would give you an explanation if I could Blurr, but the fact of the matter is I didn't do it and I have no idea why he thinks I did. Where is his proof? So far all I've heard is an accusation and nothing to back it up.

In fact, it's starting to sound like Sentinel Prime has a vendetta against me for some unknown reason. Not a clue why. Other than a few insults and him pulling a blaster on me I don't see where this is even coming from.
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That was after you bit me. You know, like what you're desperately clinging to. Self defense.

[a beat.] Wait, Blurr had green energon as well?

[he shakes his head at her saying he's the one with a vendetta. mainly to hide how his optic just twitched out of anger and also to dismiss the question about blurr being on green energon. he doesn't care about that at all.] Mainly because you're the only one who's paralyzed me both times. I don't have a vendetta, you seem to be severely overestimating how much I even care about your existence. If. You know. You hadn't attacked me twice.

Oh and the blaster? Something I picked up in the Junk Pile months ago. Cliffjumper showed me how to use it safely but I still prefer it there to the shooting range because of the occasional misfire. People aren't usually around the Junk Pile so it's easier to make sure I'm not going to accidentally shoot someone.

Seriously, I just wanted to spend an afternoon on my own but then you wouldn't leave me alone and started this whole mess!
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I bit you after you pulled the blaster on me you dimwit. I swear you have the most selective memory out of ANY bot I've met and that includes Quickstrike and Inferno.

[Like she's one to talk. But, she lets Blurr say his piece and very quickly processes his request. For one, she was being let off of the stupid accusations that the Idiot Prime had no proof of. Two, surprisingly giving up a sample of venom wasn't that big of a deal.

She had access to enough lab equipment to either create a new strand or to hand them a bogus mixture for their records. That part was easy enough. So why oppose his request?

Blackarachnia makes a show of narrowing her optics and looking scandalized at the request, even shooting a glare at Sentinel for good measure.

Time to stun both of them.]

Fine, you can have your sample. I have nothing to hide and I will prove it to you both. Just tell me when and where you want to get the sample because I highly doubt you have the equipment to do it here.

And for the record, this won't be a pattern because I never did ANYTHING to the Idiot Prime before the Energon contamination happened.
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[he honestly couldn't care less if blackarachnia took issue with having to give her venom.

the worst part of this is he's still too rigidly into rules to actually do anything about the fact someone a higher rank told him he can't have what he wants. can still be a bitch about it, though.]

Sure, fine, whatever. Coincidence. Take the venom from the only mech here capable of producing it organically. Who's the only one who even uses venom.

[he stands up to leave, giving blurr a look that could turn milk.] Oh, and can I request a proper lock for my room? Seeing as we're apparently frag all about whoever broke in.

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[She has to hide her momentary pleasure of Sentinel getting so pissy at this. The bot was such a baby it was hilarious to her.

Blackarachnia sits back and makes a show of glaring at them for now, displaying just how unhappy she was at giving up her venom. Good luck finding something to link her to future attacks Blue.

She was just going to make sure to cover her tracks better after this.]
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Really? I can't imagine what else you'd need me here for.

[he stays standing, glaring back at blurr with his arms crossed. ba might as well not even be in the room.]
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It's a date Blue.

[She doesn't even bother acknowledging Sentinel as she gets up, winks at the speedster and makes her way out the door.

Once she's out of sight, it's beast mode and scurrying off for her. With a good bit of invisibility to make sure she wasn't followed back to her own labs. Blackarachnia had some prepping to do before Blurr showed up on one of her many doorsteps.]
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[he hates you both so much.

so consumed with soul searing hatred right now, that he doesn't even ask blurr if he can leave again, nor does he yell. he just up and walks out a few minutes after blackarachnia without saying a word.]