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WHO: Blurr and Cliffjumper
WHERE: Blurr's room
WHEN: Backdated to before the event's start!
WHAT: Flustered yelling over Blurr's attempt at match-making
WARNINGS: yelling?

He'd waited a bit, both to settle his thoughts and try to figure out why the slag he'd reacted as he did to Blurr's little attempt (not much closer to an explanation, though) and to hopefully make sure he wouldn't get really flustered or angry.

That last was probably a crap-shoot.

And he also didn't tell Starscream when he went, rather, he made sure Starscream was out of the temple when he went to check if Blurr was in his room.

He didn't need the person he'd been locked in the library with to be around when he confronted Blurr about it - that'd just make it harder.

He pinged Blurr when he was outside the door, not giving any additional greeting immediately, because he wanted Blurr to open that door after all!
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[It's not as if Blurr had been avoiding Cliffjumper and Starscream on purpose. It was more like...he make sure to not be around them for some days. Difference.

He did not know for sure if his little attempt at getting the mechs together was a success or not, and he was itching to ask his best friend but he also knew Cliffjumper and he didn't want to be yelled at.

It seemed like you can't avoid your fate forever and Blurr opened the door no realizing who was on the other side.]
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....!!!!!!!!!! [A smart thing to do, Blurr was going to run away at the first opportunity.]
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Oh ey Cliff...hi. I don't know what you are talking about...? [Let's see if that works.]It's because I couldn't do to our meeting? Sorry I had a LOT of work to do and I forgot.
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I..uhm...fine, fine. no need to get your bolts in a knot. [Blurr raises his hands in a 'peace, please' gesture.]

because NONE of you where doing anything and knowing you it would take centuries!....sodiditwork?
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[Blurr didn't move, a little bit too wary to do so.] I'm sorry . I thought it could help you two....

[he wasn't trying to mock his friends, he had the best intention if only not the best plan.] You really can't tell why I did it?
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[Unlike Cliff, Blurr thought that the red mech was playing dumb at first. it took him a seconds to realize that no, he wasn't.] Do you HONESTLY not know why I did that? Come on Cliff...[He gestures around with his hands, not sure how to express it.]

Two friends, very good friends, finally getting some alone time, pri-va-te time....[IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.] You have three guesses and the first two don't count. It was not 'something like a set up for a date'. It WAS a date.
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[Blurr gave him a look. More like a 'IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH.' stare.]

Are you saying you are not? [Blunt as hell, this is Blurr for you sometimes.]

Because I am good at observing and paying attention to others Cliffjumper and you two look...well...look after each other. And AT each other. And I don't think you ever realized it.
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[Yes, Cliff yes.]

I know that you looked after him for those reasons but...It's really such and odd idea to you? He's a nice mech, really police, and quite attractive , so why not? I think you could make a cute couple if you give it a try.
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Can we discuss this inside? [They are still close to the open door and this is very awkward.]

What does that even mean? He's Starscream, and? [Blurr gives Cliff a stare.] No, how could I possible have seen that? Were they together?

[Because he can see how that can be a problem.]
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[Blurr closes the door and follows the minibot. He's glad that Cliffjumper is not looking at him now and can't see the worried look on his face.]

Then what's the problem? I know you are having a difficult time because all the baggage you shared. Let's imagine an hypothetical situation, okay? If you didn't knew him from home, let's say you met him here, and he was still his usually polite and brave self...would you be interested in him?
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Use your imagination...[He's out of ideas but he's still trying. You think he doesn't notice you blushing slightly Cliffjumper? Because he totally does.]

So you are a 'powerful engines' sort of guy...[Adding that to his databanks for future use, in case he needs it.]You could think about it now. I, mean, if you really aren't interested AT ALL I won't bring it up ever again but if you are only unsure you could give it some more of a thought.
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Sorry sorry...[Not really. Okay maybe a little bit.] I shouldn't have say anything about you liking mech with big, powerful engines.

[He's grinning, hoping that Cliff will catch up on what he's doing quickly. He only mocks hims in a friendly way to take some of the heat out of the issue.]

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Ow. [Blurr winces and then chuckles. He nudges Cliffjumper's side.] Fine, fine. I promise I won't interfere more.
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I was trying to be a good friend. [But getting you laid. Blurr's logic, ladies and gentleman.]

Okay, not again, you have my word.
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[No need to keep yelling at him, Cliffjumper. He knows better now.]

You two had fun at least? I set the table myself and everything.

[Just funny, hm?]
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[What mean beast friend you are! After all he did for you.]

Project...WHAT did you do?
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[But you do it way too often!]

Cliff that's not how romancing it's done! [Blurr what the hell are you saying, all the romance you know came from Barricade.]
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[That is true, no point on trying to fight the inevitable. Blurr leans against the table of the main room.]

Cliff, if your way is throwing things at people then I think you might want to reconsider it.

[It's a sad thing the minibot is not looking, otherwise he would see Blurr smirking.]
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Carefulllll, manhandling a Police officer is against the law. [There's a chuckle. Blurr you always make that joke, shut up is not even funny.]

It doesn't matter AT ALL? Sure?
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[Oh...oh. You didn't.] What a sad life it is if I can't use my influence for important things like this. [OH WELL.]

Uh uh. Okay I won't nag further. [For now.] And since you are here and the issue is closed, do you want something to drink?
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we could end this here or so...?

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[The blue mech understand the gesture, no problem.]

Citizens those days! No respect for the authority, I'm telling you. [He chuckles and disappears inside the kitchen to get the energon cubes. Things didn't go as well as he hoped but not as bad as he expected.

They only had to keep working on it, Blurr knows there will be more opportunities.]